Celestial Design improves a company’s image in the eyes of its clients. It creates a feeling of well-being which is associated with that company.

We work on building designs for the future.

Visual Communication Design:


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Visual Communication Design starts with research of a company’s goals. The designer asks many questions, finding out about the company and its business. A plan is drawn up of how to best to address the goals of the individual project and the long term goals of the company. The designer looks at the market for each piece and how the work will be distributed. For an identity program, she looks at many different aspects of a mark. How is it going to be used now and in the future? Will it be used mainly in colour, or in black and white? Is it required for newspaper advertising or for the web? Does it ever appear embroidered on a uniform? Will it be used on trucks? Questions such as these are crucial to the success of the company mark.