What is the age of the target market? Should the text be large and clear for baby boomers or small and funky for a younger audience? What kinds of images appeal to these age groups?

What is the budget for the job? When does it need to be completed?

When these points have been discussed and agreed upon, a proposal is written. This detailed statement lists the intended work to be done and gives an estimate of cost and payment schedules.


Once the parameters of the project have been agreed on, work can start. Sketches are prepared and presentations are made to the client. When sketches have been approved, the implementation of the project begins.

This includes digital prepress preparation of the files, proof-reading by the client and written instructions for the service bureau, printer or software developer. Follow through to press proofs for a print job or fine tuning of web or G.U.I. files complete the job.

Celestial Designís Philosophy

Our philosophy is produce intelligent, clear and effective design. The structure of a web site, a graphical user interface, a brochure, a newsletter or a logo will work for many years. All projects are developed carefully with attention to detail and to the goal of the project.